Breast Aesthetics Applications

Breast Lift

The breast tissue, which loses its volume as a result of developmental delay or postnatal weight loss, may gain a drooping appearance as a result of the excess skin surrounding it. It is possible to beautify the appearance of sagging breasts that have lost their fullness and vitality with breast lift surgeries.

Breast lift surgery alone may not be sufficient for sagging breasts that do not have sufficient volume.

Breast lift surgery is only an attempt to shape the breast and remove sagging, it does not add volume to the breast. In such cases, in addition to the surgery, the desired fullness is also achieved with the application of a breast prosthesis aimed at gaining volume.

In breast lift surgeries, first the skin is separated from the breast tissue, then the breast tissue is erected and the skin is wrapped around this erected structure in such a way that there is no abundance and tension. With this technique (Central Pedicular Mastopexy), which we prefer in breast lift surgery, a long-term upright and shaped breast is obtained without disturbing the nipple sensation, without adversely affecting milk yield. In this technique, the surgery is more successful and the life of the surgery is longer.

Operation Process

The operation is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital environment. Its average duration is 2-3 hours and the hospital stay is one day.

Healing Process

It is not a painful operation, but there may be edema (swelling) in the breasts that lasts for a few weeks. Surgical scars will gradually begin to decrease over months. It takes 3-6 months for the breast to take its full shape and to reduce the scars.

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