Facial Aesthetics Applications

Oil Bank

Fat injection is often used to define facial lines or to alleviate facial wrinkles. Its advantage is that it is the person’s own natural tissue, not a foreign substance like other externally supplied hyaluronic acid-containing fillers. Therefore, there is no problem of allergy, increased cost or side effects according to the applied dose. Other ready-to-use fillers are usually produced ready to use in 1ml injectors. Its use in large areas limits its use as it will increase the cost seriously.

Fat injection is the delivery of fat tissue taken from one part of the body to another with the help of a special thin cannula. Fat can be taken from any part of the body, but usually the area taken is the abdomen. Basin, butt or knees can also be preferred. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or with sedation support. The average procedure time takes 30 minutes – 1 hour in proportion to the intervention to be made. Since there is no incision, no scar problem is encountered. Edema and swelling, which will last for a few days, are normal in the applied area after the procedure. Ice application, use of anti-bruise cream and use of pain reliever tablets are beneficial.

It is fed with serum in the surrounding tissues for the first 2-3 days in the area where the fat is injected. 4-5. By day vascular buds are formed. On the 7th day, blood vessels that can feed the adipose tissue have formed. Therefore, when injecting fat into the tissue, care should be taken not to pond like a pool, and it should be injected by opening thin tunnels into the tissue. Otherwise, the oils remaining in the inner parts of the ponding area cannot be fed with serum and are absorbed by the body. If the desired fullness is greater in the applied area, some of the oils can be kept and reapplied at 1 month intervals. In this way, both the permanence and the volume obtained are greater.

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