Hair Transplant Applications

Mustache Transplant

If there is no hair growth or hair loss on the upper lip in men, the definitive treatment is mustache transplantation. Mustache transplantation is the transplantation of hair follicles to the skin areas where mustache hairs do not grow on the upper lip. The hair follicles to be transplanted instead of the mustache are taken from the nape as in the treatment of baldness. For this, hair follicles are taken one by one with 0.6mm punches using the fue method from above the nape. Then, individual hair follicles are transplanted into the areas with mustache deficiency.

The transplanted hair follicles preserve their previous properties in the mustache area and the hairs continue to grow. For this reason, shortening of the growing hairs at appropriate intervals can be done during mustache shaving. Hair follicles cannot be fed if they are planted too close to each other. Therefore, the planting frequency should be enough to provide their nutrition. When the hair follicles are nourished and the hair starts to grow after the transplantation (4-6 months), if there is a sparse mustache area, hair transplantation can be done again.

Problems such as scars, surgical scars, burn marks, spillage in the mustache area can be almost completely camouflaged with mustache transplantation, and in case of no mustache, as in the corners, a serious identity change can be achieved with mustache transplantation. Only the FUE method should be applied in mustache transplantation because the results are not satisfactory in the FUT method. Hair follicles taken with 0.6-0.7 mm punches should be planted simultaneously with the help of tools without cutting the skin.

If the tips used are thin, there will be no trace and no indication of planting in both the intake and planting area. Sowing limits and frequency are determined by the person himself. In general, when 1000 roots are planted on someone who has no mustache, the corner appearance will disappear, but if more mustache is desired, the number should be higher. When mustache transplantation is done with FUE, it is so close to natural that the barber, who has not seen it before, can not perceive that there is transplantation, whether it is frequent or infrequent.

With FUE, as many hair follicles are taken from the desired place as desired, and planting is done in the determined mustache area with the desired frequency and with the natural angle that should be in that area.

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