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Aesthetic Treatment

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with art, beauty and taste. Aesthetics comes from the ancient Greek word ‘Aisthesis’. To hear means to perceive. It deals with the creation and evaluation of beauty. It examines the sensory-emotional values, which are also referred to as the judgment of emotion and taste. It is closely related to the philosophy of art. In its broadest definition, it is the study of critical thinking on art, culture and nature.[1] The subject of aesthetics has been studied by philosophers since the first age. Plato, Aristotle and later Enlightenment Age thinkers Leonardo Da Vinci were interested in the concept of aesthetics and aesthetic questions. In aesthetics, only the beautiful is examined, and this definition has narrowed the field of aesthetics, but some philosophers have objected to it.

There are always evaluations about the beautiful and beauty, or the value of beauty and the judgment of beauty in the history of philosophy. In this context, it can be said that almost every philosophical tendency has epistemology, logic and ethics sections, as well as an aesthetic section, either explicitly or implicitly.

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