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When should laser acne (acne) treatment be done?

Laser and light systems are methods that help acne-acne treatments, speed up the treatment and reduce the possibility of scarring. In the treatment of acne, laser and light treatments are very useful in order to shorten the treatment period, to prevent recurring acne complaints, and for acne patients who cannot use oral medication. In addition, laser and light treatments treat scars for acne patients who are prone to scarring. The aim of acne-acne treatment should be to heal the patient as soon as possible and to ensure that there is no scar. Applying laser treatments during acne treatments also provides scar treatment.

How to treat acne (acne) with laser?

Acne-acne treatment with laser can be done at intervals of 1-3 weeks. Although the number of sessions varies according to the applied device, at least 4-6 sessions are recommended. In addition to laser acne treatment, cream and oral drug treatments can be continued.

What are the changes in the skin after laser acne (acne) treatment?

Depending on the type of laser system performed, after laser acne treatment, there may be several skin changes, ranging from a slight pinkness to a slight crusting. In general, they are applications with low side effects. As with all laser and light applications, care should be taken for tan and dark skin.

How effective is laser acne (acne) treatment?

One of the main reasons for the formation of inflammatory acne is P. acnes bacteria, which normally lives on the skin and is found in the oil channels. The P. acnes bacterium is destroyed by absorbing the energy of the lasers. Light and laser systems prevent the formation of acne by reducing the number of bacteria. In addition, laser and light systems destroy the sebaceous glands under the skin by heating them without damaging the skin. As a result of the shrinkage and reduction of the oil channels, the acnes heal.

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