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Famagusta Laser Hair Removal

You can get rid of unwanted hair in a way with our laser epilation service in our Famagusta laser epilation center. You can get the best service during the process with our qualified staff. We offer laser hair removal, the most effective method ever tried, at our Famagusta laser epilation center. If you are among those who still do not have laser epilation, which has been preferred by men in recent years, painless sessions and our expert staff are waiting for you in our Famagusta laser epilation center, where we work with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Laser epilation is the process of sending laser light of different wavelengths to the lower layers of the skin to weaken the roots of unwanted hair. The roots of the hairs do not lose their function at once. For this reason, multiple operations are required. The number of times the process will be repeated is determined by the structure of your hair and at appropriate intervals. One of the questions asked about laser treatment in recent years is: “Is there any harm in laser epilation? If so, what are they?” If you do not have it done every month and spread over years, we can say that 4-5 sessions of laser epilation are not harmful to health. However, the condition of your skin, how the procedure is applied and the care you give your skin afterwards are important factors. If your hair is very light, laser beams may have difficulty detecting your hair. If the color of your hair is very dark and their structure is very hard, laser beams may still have difficulty in affecting their roots. In both cases, the person applying laser epilation should not increase the wavelength, frequency and duration of the laser beams.

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