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Simple Nose Aesthetics

If you think that there is a shape or function disorder in your nose that bothers you structurally or after an accident, if you think your nose is not compatible with your face, if you cannot breathe comfortably through your nose, you may benefit from rhinoplasty. Nose correction and shaping aesthetics is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures. This is a surgical procedure that reshapes and straightens the nose to repair damage to the nose or correct an inherited defect.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical reshaping (aesthetic) operation of the nose. With the help of this surgery, the size of your nose can be reduced or increased, the shape of your nose tip or bridge can be changed, the nostrils can be narrowed or the angle between the nose and upper lip can be changed, and the bone protrusions on the nasal ridge can be corrected.

Nose aesthetics should not be considered only as a plastic surgery, but should also include a correction for the breathing function of the nose. Breathing problems are also seen more frequently than normal in those who complain of nasal deformity.

In the process of correcting the external appearance of the nose without harming the respiratory function, sometimes even by interfering with nasal congestion in the same session, the size of the nose can be reduced, enlarged, reduced or increased in width, the shape of the tip and back can be changed (for example, removing the bridge of the nose, if any), the nostrils can be narrowed, or the nose and the upper part of the nose can be corrected. the angle between the lips can be changed (nose lift). During the same surgery, the curvatures (deviations) of the structure called the septum in the middle part of the nose, which occur as a result of development or impact, can be corrected.

A good pre-operative evaluation and a good surgical plan can reveal a much more pleasing nose, both aesthetically and functionally, after the surgery.

What are Nose Aesthetics Techniques?

Both techniques, closed and open, have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are patient groups in which both techniques should be applied. The application should definitely be chosen according to the patient and his expectations. The duration of the operation varies between 1-2 hours. Buffer application is used depending on preference.

If the bone roof is also shaped during the surgery, plaster is applied to the back of the nose. You stay in the hospital for 1 night, the plaster is removed after 5-7 days. Bruises are rarely seen and disappear in a period of 1 week after surgery.


Is There an Age Limit for Nose Aesthetics?

Rhinoplasty can be applied at any age after the development of the nose is completed. Ages 16-17 in girls and 17-18 in boys should be considered the lower limit for rhinoplasty. As with traumatic nasal deformities, surgery can be performed in an earlier period, if necessary, in extremely deformed noses.

If you are not satisfied with your nose and want a new look that will suit you with a surgery, then you are a candidate for rhinoplasty. In this case, you can have detailed information about what can be done for you by consulting the plastic surgeon first.

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