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Treatment of Under-Eye Bruises

Today, bruises under detention have become an important problem that disrupts the social life and psychology of patients. Contrary to popular belief, dark circles under the eyes are not caused by wide blood vessels. Dark circles under the eyes is a pigmentation disorder. The very thin skin of the eyelid reveals this disorder.

Often genetic factors, structural predispositions can cause dark circles under the eyes. Patients state that this situation increases when they are sleepless or tired.

The treatment of bruises under the eyes can be various. Many products on the market, such as under-eye creams, tonics, care lotions, do not work and usually do not provide any benefit. If the patient is middle-aged or older, the fat bags removed or replaced during eyelid aesthetic surgery lighten the color of this area. However, if the age of the patient is not suitable for the operation, laser treatments are applied.

How to Treat Under Eye Bruises with Laser

There are 2 different laser treatments in the treatment of under-eye bruises. One of them is applied with fractional laser therapy. With fractional laser treatment, the color of the bruises is lightened and some subcutaneous connective tissue is enriched. In this way, the skin thickens and bruises become less obvious. A slight burning sensation is felt during this treatment, and it passes after 30 minutes. There is a phase of redness and scaling in the patient, which lasts for about 3-4 days. This treatment lasts 3 sessions with an interval of 1 month. Again, in addition to this treatment, after the second session of laser, a special peeling is performed for the under-eye area and above in 1 session. Better results are obtained with this combination.

Under-eye bruises, under-eye bruise treatment, laser under-eye bruise treatmentAlternatively, it is resurfacing treatment with Erbium laser. In this application, the eyelids are anesthetized with local anesthesia and then the application is made. After the application, redness and mild edema will occur on the eyelids for 4-5 days. For this, patients need to allocate this time to themselves. Eyelid color will start to turn from pink to normal skin color after 1 week and skin color will return to normal after 1 month. This application is made only for 1 session. No additional sessions are needed.

Under Eye Bruise Treatment with Fat Injection

Again, bruises under the eyes can be treated with oil injection if they are accompanied by sagging of the eyelid. Fats taken from the abdomen are placed under the eyes after some procedures. As a result, both the collapses will go away and the bruises will be corrected as the subcutaneous tissue will thicken.

Treatment of Under-eye Bruises with Light Filling

Again, with a filler called Teosyal Redensity 2 Under-eye light filling, an improvement occurs in under-eye bruises for 1-1.5 years. Then the same filling needs to be done again, if you do not want to have it done, you will go back to your old state.

You can be examined by your doctor to understand which of the under-eye bruises treatments is most suitable for you.

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