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Genital Aesthetics

Operations that provide physical and structural repair of deformities or congenital abnormality of women’s vagina region are grouped under the name of genital aesthetics. Although aesthetic operations are generally performed with the aim of restoring the external appearance, there is a great increase in the interest in the field of genital aesthetics in order to eliminate functional and psychological victimization rather than appearance. In particular, cases of not being able to enjoy sexual intercourse due to the loss of elasticity of the vagina can also be repaired with genital aesthetics.

The fact that women do not find their genitals aesthetic, not enjoying sexual intercourse and dogmatic thoughts about sexuality psychologically prevent the sexual life of the person and communication between couples. In women experiencing aesthetic anxiety; Feelings such as misunderstanding, shyness and shyness may predominate. These factors also lead to negative effects on sexual life. In addition, deformation, deformity and changes in skin color that cause these feelings can negatively affect sexual life. These changes that the vagina undergoes physically can be eliminated by applying to genital aesthetics.

In which cases is genital aesthetics applied?

Genital aesthetics is applied as a result of the fact that the vagina loses its structural elasticity due to the fact that women have given birth to many. Congenital physical abnormalities in the structure of the vagina are restored with genital aesthetics. In case of structural deformations in the vulva, especially if the outer lips are large, aesthetic operation is applied. Vaginal aesthetics can be applied in order to eliminate sexual intercourse disorders due to the deformation of the vagina or the incision made in the vagina in difficult births. Sagging of the urinary bladder and rectum can cause sexual dysfunction and incontinence problems. For this reason, uterine prolapse may occur as a result of the interaction of the pelvic system.

What are the surgeries performed in genital aesthetics?

  • Labiaplasty (inner and outer lip reduction)
  • Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening)
  • Cliteroplasty (removal of excess tissue from the clitoris)
  • Vaginal enlargement (relief of vaginal tightness)
  • G-spot enlargement (increasing sexual pleasure)
  • Repair of vaginal deformations (correction of structural abnormalities in the vagina as a result of childbirth or other operation)
  • Operations on the hymen

What is labiaplasty (inner and outer lip reduction) operation?

Labiaplasty surgery is an aesthetic operation performed to remove sagging on the inner or outer lips. While the bad image of the physical structure of the vagina creates psychological anxiety in most women, it causes sexual dysfunction. For this reason, aesthetic intervention can be applied to reduce the inner lips.

The inner lips, which have a curved structure in the outer genital area, have a different appearance in every woman. However, if the inner lips are larger than normal and a puffy appearance occurs, an aesthetically negative picture emerges. In addition, the color of the inner lip tissue may change in some periods and for various reasons. This physical condition causes the person to be psychologically damaged and to experience some sexual function problems. Large inner lips also increase the risk of infection. Large outer lips can cause difficulties in choosing clothes. Labiaplasty provides the repair of such problems.

Who is suitable for labiaplasty operations?

Inner and outer lip reduction operations can be applied to people who have given birth or who have never given birth. In addition, it is not an operation that can prevent normal birth in later years. Labiaplasty surgeries can also be performed on virgins. The operation performed is 3-4 cm away from the hymen area. Therefore, it does not create any position that will threaten the hymen.

How long do labiaplasty operations take?

With the adolescence period of the person, genital aesthetics is applied with the aim of eliminating the structural deformations that have become a psychological problem until this time. These operations are performed under local anesthesia in a very short period of 20-30 minutes.

What are vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty) operations, why are they done?

There may be loosening in the vagina as a result of women having a large number of normal births or the structural loss of elasticity of the vagina due to congenital factors. This can cause sexual dissatisfaction for both men and women. In addition, due to the loss of sensitivity, women’s not enjoying sexual intercourse may cause problems with orgasm. For this purpose, vaginal tightening operations are performed within the framework of genital aesthetic surgeries to ensure the structural tightness of the vagina.

What problems can be solved with vaginoplasty surgeries?

Increasing sexual pleasure

The weakness of the elastic structure, which is expressed as relaxation and enlargement in the vagina, causes men and women to not enjoy sexual intercourse. Vaginal tightening operations eliminate this problem and provide couples with the opportunity to live their sexual life in a healthier and higher quality way.

Elimination of the sounds coming from the vagina during

sexual intercourse The deformed structure of the vagina, which has lost its ability to stretch, causes the emergence of various vaginal sounds in a way that disrupts the concentration of the couples during sexual intercourse. This problem, which is caused by deformation, can be eliminated by vaginoplasty surgery.

Repair of bladder and bowel prolapse

Pathologies in the organs of the pelvic system affect sexual intercourse. With vaginal tightening operations, sagging in the bladder, urinary incontinence problems and bowel sagging can also be corrected. In short, within the scope of vaginoplasty operations, cystocele and rectocele can also be corrected with these operations.

Correction of birth scars and treatment of dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse)

Episiotomy scars (birth marks) that have not healed properly cause an aesthetically bad appearance. In addition, faulty stitches in the vagina area due to excessive incisions cause pain during sexual intercourse. In vaginoplasty operations, both aesthetic and functional structure can be corrected by removing the deformation in the vagina structure.

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