Facial Rejuvenation Applications (Anti-Aging)

Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling is the application of some solutions to the skin to revitalize, rejuvenate the skin, remove acne and its scars, unwanted spots on the skin, and improve its appearance. Peeling application causes the peeling and shedding of the top layer of the skin, which has worn out, lost its freshness and brightness, and initiates a restructuring process in the lower layers of the skin; By stimulating collagen synthesis, it provides a younger and healthier homogeneous skin.

In the peeling treatment, a solution is applied to the skin that causes the superficial layers to separate and peel off. Various skin rejuvenation techniques are used for wrinkles, spots, acne scars. The aim here is to lose the rough upper skin layer and obtain a healthier, smoother, brighter, more moist skin where the spots disappear.

“Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)” containing glycolic, lactic and fruit acids are mostly preferred for chemical peeling. AHAs are natural acids derived from fruits and other nutrients and are used as a superficial exfoliating agent. Medium depth peeling is done with TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and deeper peeling with Phenol (carbolic acid). These treatment methods are different.

With the peeling process;

  • Fine wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth
  • Signs of aging caused by sun rays and hereditary factors, wrinkles
  • Acne and scars
  • It is also a very effective method in the treatment of sunspots, age spots, freckles, birth control drugs and spots caused by pregnancy.

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