Facial Aesthetics Applications

Spider Web Treatment (Non-Surgical Face Lift)

Non-surgical face lift, also known as Ultra V Lift, is a stretching technique using straight or awned surgical threads that creates much more natural-looking results. It is also known as Contour Lift, Silhouette Lift, Russian rope, Anti-Ptos Rope Lift, Spider Web Aesthetics.

Non-surgical face lifting is the method of suspending awn and thicker threads by placing them on the sagging areas with the help of cannula. Spider web aesthetics is a very effective method where you can see safer and quicker results, especially for sagging cheeks and chin. In this procedure, non-allergic PDO sutures are used to bring the areas that have lost their elasticity back to their original position. Thanks to this procedure, which is minimally inserted under the skin, safer results are obtained at a more affordable price compared to very intensive preparation and long-lasting open surgeries, and these results last for about 2 years. At the same time, it takes much less time for the patient to return to daily activities after the procedure.

This thread facelift procedure, which eliminates the need for surgery, has recently received a lot of attention from the press. As its popularity increases, we recommend that this process, whose number of users increase, should only be carried out by competent people. The rope stretch technique has a very short recovery time, which is why some doctors refer to it as a lunch-break lift or a weekend lift, because it can be completed in just 30 minutes.

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