Breast Aesthetics Applications

Breast Augmentation

The volume of the breasts may be smaller than normal as a result of unilateral or bilateral growth retardation or weight loss. Breast augmentation surgeries (mammoplasty) are surgical procedures that change the size and shape of the breast. In women who think their breasts are too small, breast augmentation surgery is performed to enlarge the size of the breasts, to equalize the size of the breasts with asymmetrical breast problems, and to reconstruct the breast after breast cancer surgery.

The rate of breast enlargement is determined by taking into account the desire of the person, the current situation and the dimensions of the rib cage.

Planning Breast Augmentation Surgery

At your first application, your doctor will evaluate your health and decide together with you which surgical technique is suitable for you according to the condition of your breasts and skin tone. If you have sagging breasts, your doctor may recommend breast lift (hanging/lifting/mastopexy) surgery in the same session. Your doctor will explain the treatment options, the risks and limitations of each. If you are a smoker or take any medication or nutritional supplements, please inform your doctor. Your doctor will inform you about the type of anesthesia to be used, the hospitals where the surgery can be performed, and the cost of the surgery.

During the operation, the patient and the doctor should come together and evaluate the following four issues:

  • Type of prosthesis
  • The entrance of the surgery
  • Location of the prosthesis
  • Prosthesis volume
  • Breast Prostheses

Prostheses are divided into two groups according to the material they contain:

1) Prostheses containing saline

They contain physiological saline (salt-water mixture) in a capsule whose outer part is made of solid silicone.

There are two types of such prostheses:

Ready-made models: They are produced as filled with saline.

Inflatable models: They are produced as a hollow prosthesis. It is inflated with physiological saline after it is placed during the operation through a valve on its wall. This type of prosthesis is placed under the muscle from the armpit and nipple. For this reason, it is called scarless breast augmentation surgery. It is applied to patients who have little breast tissue, a natural thorax and do not want very large breasts. They are divided into two groups according to the item:

2) Prostheses containing silicone There are two types of these prostheses according to the consistency of the silicone they contain : Those

containing gel silicone:Gel silicone has a soft consistency and is fluid. Gel prostheses are placed from the nipple and inframammary fold. They can be placed above or below the muscle. The texture consistency of gel silicone is the reason for preference.

Those containing cohesive silicone: It is a type of prosthesis produced using the latest technology. Since they have a thicker consistency than gel silicone, they do not have flowing properties. The anatomical shape of cohesive silicones (drop breast) is prepared according to the patient’s dimensions and needs. When placed, they give a natural breast appearance. The biggest advantages are that they can be placed in the desired way (submuscular, supramuscular and dual plan), maintain their shape (form is stable), and their contours do not bend.

Surgery Process

The operation is performed under general anesthesia in a full-fledged hospital and takes between half an hour and a half, depending on the preferred technique. The patient can leave the hospital on the same day or the next day and return to daily life. The chest area remains bandaged for about a week. There are no stitches to be taken on the skin surface as hidden stitches are applied.

Heavy lifting and exercises that use arms should be avoided for three weeks. This period should be supported with a sports bra.

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