Facial Aesthetics Applications

Brow Lift

Aesthetic eyebrow lift, Eyebrows and our eyes are one of the most important aesthetic parts of the face. In terms of aesthetics, raised eyebrows can make the person look younger and dynamic, and low and flattened eyebrows can make the person look old and tired. With eyebrow lifting, it is aimed to have a lively younger look.

Eyebrow shape and style can vary according to everyone’s taste. But the ideal eyebrow is the one that looks both natural and aesthetically beautiful as a standard for everyone. The highest point of the ideal eyebrow arc should be on the vertical line passing through the outer edge of the pupil. The outer edge of the eyebrow should be 2 mm higher than the inner edge of the eyebrow. The eyebrows should be higher than the upper edge of the eye socket and should not be too long or too short.

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