Facial Rejuvenation Applications (Anti-Aging)

3D Skin Analysis


New System Thanks to the measurements made with a fully computerized analysis system with 3D, the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the person can be examined, Values ​​such as skin thickness, the amount of collagen in the skin are measured, and it is determined which part of the face has aged to what degree and why.

Those who have any problems with their skin know well that problems such as acne, blemishes, tonal differences, blackheads, oil glands are not easily treated once they occur. Early diagnosis of skin problems, supervision of the treatment process and evaluation of treatment results based on scientific documents With the New System 3D system, problems such as spots, wrinkles and acne that have not yet appeared on the skin are displayed by creating a separate skin map for each. 3D; Invaluable scientific data are presented for the prevention of skin problems before they occur, treatment planning and evaluation of the results. It works with the principle of photographing and analyzing the visible and invisible surface of the skin.

What is New System 3D? Is it an X-Ray or a Photography System?

It provides 3D, skin and subcutaneous evaluation both visually and mathematically with the help of lenses and a special analysis program. Particular attention should be paid to this mathematical part, because it has always been possible to compare the existing skin problems before and after the treatment with any before and after photo taken.

If the new system is 3D; us in the skin blemish, blackheads, etc. presents the change in problems in the light of mathematical data. In other words, telling you why your skin is good or bad and why you are in this condition (pigmentation, oiliness, etc.) beyond saying your skin is good or bad can be done based on much more scientific data.

How Does the New System 3D Work?

Photographs of the person to be analyzed are taken in the same light and position, and the condition of the skin is reported to the patient with percentages and graphics. The system works roughly like this. These photos are not ordinary photos, each taken with a special technique to analyze a skin problem in depth. Thanks to the images obtained, the success of the treatment can be measured objectively. The practices that need to be done are also clearly seen thanks to these reports; In other words, the state of the skin after 1 year can be simulated if the applications we recommend are applied or not.

What Information Does This System Provide About The Skin?

  • Epidermal skin depth
  • Analysis and skin problems
  • Red Me
  • Wrinkle Analysis
  • Skin Feature
  • Intensity
  • Depth
  • Stain
  • collapse
  • Elasticity
  • Skin Tone
  • Skin Temperature Measurement
  • Evaluation of wrinkles on the skin, evaluation of brown spots, evaluation of UV damage and learning the location, density and amount of capillaries and red moles on the skin.

How does the New System benefit against the effects of 3D aging, or does it have such a benefit?

Of course, it has a serious impact on the fight against aging. The process we call aging is the reduction and aging of the layer on the visible surface of the skin and the collagen tissue that we cannot see. Thanks to these measurements made with the fully computerized analysis system of 3D, the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the person are examined. Values ​​such as skin thickness and the amount of collagen in the skin are measured, and it is determined which part of the face has aged to what degree and why.

In the light of these analyzes, we are preparing a proposal file and treatment protocol on how to reduce the aging process.

Can your patient see what the applications made on the new system 3D analysis have changed with this system?

He can see, in our opinion, this is the biggest benefit of the system. After the care and treatments applied, the analyzes are repeated, so that it is possible to control the accuracy of the care and treatments based on objective criteria.

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