Facial Rejuvenation Applications (Anti-Aging)

Biogenevity Treatment

Now everyone wants to be beautiful without a knife. So, can wonders be created with a few injections?

Why not! Physiological aging; It occurs with severe moisture loss, wrinkles, various increases in skin pigments, changes in irregular parts of the lower skin. This is due to the abnormal increase in free radicals. It occurs with a significant decrease in the concentration of hyaluronic acid, which is the main factor of the moisture in the skin and the proteins (collagen, elastin, fibronectin) needed by the connective tissues.

Scientific studies for deep hydration, restructuring of the epidermis, and revitalization of metabolic and vascular activities have led to hitherto unrecognized results and a new generation “Interactive Biological Revitalization Program”.

Next Generation Biological Resuscitation program BIOGENEVITY; It consists of two phases: “Hyaliapase” and “Nucliapase”.

HYALIAPHASE is an injectable visco-elastic hyaluronic acid solution with a concentration of 20% and a molecular weight of 1,000,000 daltons.

NUCLIAPHASE, on the other hand, is an injectable DNA molecule obtained from salmon fish sperm at a concentration of 7.5 mg/ml.

Thanks to these two phases, the skin gains moisture. Metabolic activities of the lower skin increase. Thanks to the increased vascular endothelial growth factor in the skin, blood flow increases. In this way, regional oxygenation accelerates.

By directing a significant amount of water molecules in situ, endogenous hyaluronic acid is increased. Free radicals are intensively scavenged. Fibroblasts are stimulated, increasing collagen production. The formations of capillary blood vessels are greatly promoted. It also provides protection against damage caused by UV radiation.

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